3Easy Steps with Odyssey Guide & File
1. Answer online questions to prepare the case filing
2. Automatically create legal documents for free
3. File the case online or print the documents to file in person with the clerk of court
                              Certain case types available


Guide & File makes a huge difference for us in automating the process of providing forms and information to people who can't afford lawyers.

– Tina Sibbitt, Associate Staff Attorney, Access to Justice Program
New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts



If you are representing yourself in court, you can now create and file many court forms on the internet. The court's website can help you prepare legal documents. Like popular tax preparation software, you will be guided through a series of questions. Your answers will help automatically prepare and file your court forms online.

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North Dakota
Northern Territories - Australia

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Benefits for Courts

  • Create and manage interviews easily and efficiently
  • Reduce time and resources supporting pro se litigants
  • Extend the business rules of the court
  • Integrate seamlessly with e-filing
  • Leverage interviews created by other jurisdictions to accelerate interview development
  • Foster collaboration and information sharing among courts
  • Free up court resources for other priorities

Benefits for Legal Aid Providers

  • Increase access to justice for pro se litigants
  • Provide web-based tools
  • Manage self-guided interviews easily

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